Vehicle testing

Vehicle testing – welcome to test the great services of PRT Test Track!

Our test track offers you a possibility to test vehicles and trailers on the only ABS test track in the Northern Countries. The official ABS test track has been covered with basalt brick. The test track has up to four testing surfaces with different fraction factors.  Track structures and materials are sertified. Vehicle testing is possible throughout the year. Basalt track is unavailable during winter.

Our test track enables various tire testings throughout the year. Both winter and summer tires as well as heavy weight vehicle tire testings can be executed at the test track.

The track is designed and measured also for heavy weight vehicle testing and has sufficient safety zones.

The whole 4014 meter motor track is available on request.

Our test track facilities include a well-equipped training center with a restaurant, a sauna and a hot tub and a big maintenance hall with service equipment. The whole area is covered with a free wifi.

Catering is possible on request. Our training center restaurant holds rights for serving mild alcoholic beverages.