Driving schools

Our slippery surfaces are equivalent to normal winter conditions in different forms. The road leading to the test track center is asphalt all the way through.

A well-equipped safety hall is located next to the testing tracks.

When ordering the advanced stage services from us the price includes one track instructor on request. You can also organize both theory and track training in our training center premises during one day without extra cost.

We have one available car  for a student without an own car for a modest price.

The Test Track center has a restaurant where the students can enjoy a tasteful lunch.

The track fee includes coffee for the students and teacher.

Welcome to execute the basic stage track training on our center as well. We will gladly help you with organizing tests and speaks. We have e.g. a modern electric detonator in use for tests.

We use only water for creating slippery surfaces so you will also avoid any cleaning expenses after a day at our track.

You can also come to our center with stud tires.


Basic stage 40€ / student

Advanced stage 75€ / student