Testing and training events

PRT Test Track organizes testing and training events at Botniaring area throughout the year.

Botniaring winter is equivalent to Lapland when it comes to conditions and nature and therefore offers great surroundings for organizing various testing and training events.

  • Whole area in use throughout the year
  • Slippery conditions testing tracks
  • Vehicle testing tracks
  • Cross-country track for light and heavy vehicles
  • Training facilities
  • Check point training possible according to tire or vehicle importer’s wishes
  • Possibility to rent vehicles for civil car tire testing

Check point training

Check points can be arranged in different parts of Botniaring area. Check points are always designed according to customer’s wishes.

Tire testing

Possibility to rent vehicles for civil car tire testing. Tires with rims will be delivered by the customer and mounted on our rental cars in our sevice hall.

Other services

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